My appointment was great!

Thanks. I was very nervous, but I was very well taken care of. I’m sure I will see you again, probably sooner than I care to though!

Very Impressed

Had a root canal retreatment and the experience far exceeded my expectations. The entire staff was very caring and professional. Dr. Simonton made sure I was numb and I did not have any pain during the procedure. The post-treatment instructions have helped prevent any...


Dr. Simonton and his staff took care of me right away after I called them to explain I was in extreme pain which was coming from my back molar. It was the most relaxing dental experience I have ever had. I had no pain from the injection of novocaine or any part of the...

5 stars!

5 stars! Beyond impressed with Modern Care Endodontics and the staff! What should have been a miserable dental experience – a painful tooth needing a root canal – was better than I could have ever imagined.
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