GentleWave® Procedure

The Minimally Invasive Root Canal Alternative

Now, at last, there is a system that has completely redefined the root canal procedure. GentleWave® is a minimally invasive alternative to standard root canal treatment. It uses sound waves and a stream of treatment fluid to thoroughly and painlessly remove the damaged tissue and bacteria. With this tool, we can reach through the entire root canal system. In other words, we achieve a thorough cleaning of the tooth like never before. This means better results and a healthier mouth.


Advantages of the GentleWave Procedure:

  • Minimally Invasive
    With the GentleWave procedure, we can remove damaged tissue, debris, and bacteria effectively and thus lessen the need for manual instruments.
  • Effective Cleaning
    The state-of-the-art system distributes fluids throughout your root canal system. Thereby removing the tooth pulp and infection while preserving valuable tooth structure.
  • Saves Time
    In most cases, we can complete the procedure in just one appointment. The technology is so effective at cleaning the root canal; you have less chance of needing return visits.

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